Thursday 29 Sept. 2016
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A new route for the Gay Pride Parada 2 July Paris
New Start for the March of LGBT Pride of Paris on 2 July 2016: the Louvre to Bastille. The March will begin Saturday, July 2 at 14h30 du Louvre to go to Bastille, along the waterfront.
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Gaypride Paris is postponed to July 2 because of the Euro 2016 football games
In addition to the CSD Berlin, Paris will move its pride through the Euro 2016 football and will be postponed to Saturday, July 2, 2016
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Google refused to take down the Gay Youtube video to Kenia public
Kenyan authorities want the clip of the song "Same Love" is not accessible for Kenyan users, but Google, google, Director and owner of YouTube, refused her.
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The Malabar Station in Nice celebrates its 6 years
The Malabar Station in Nice celebrates its 6 years. The Malabar became over the years the place, the evenue to be in the port area of Nice and as we called ,the Marais Petit de Nice.

11th Annual Arosa Gay Ski Week
The 11th Annual Arosa Gay Ski Week – Europe’s favorite Winter Pride Festival from from January 11th to 18th, 2015 to its fun-filled LGBT ski week.

Arosa Gayskiweek 10th. anniversary
Arosa Gayskiweek (Switzerland) one of the biggest LGBT winter sports events in Europe, celebration of the 10th. anniversary from January 12th to 19th, 2014.

Another attack in a gaybars in France
Clashes took place Wednesday evening in Paris in conjunction with a new demonstration by opponents of the marriage law for all, leading to a dozen arrests.


 Marche des Fiertés , Gay Pride Paris.
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